Thursday, April 29, 2010

One Bug, Multiple Branches

I enjoyed presenting and discussing some new ideas about how to use JIRA to track bugs in different branches along with their associated builds. This was all at the April San Francisco Atlassian User Group last night, kindly hosted by Atlassian.

My idea is to create a new issue type named "Build" and then create a new build issue for every build. Ordinary bugs in JIRA can then have regular JIRA links named "Present in Build" and "Absent from Build" connecting them to the specific builds in which they are found or fixed. The interesting part is that if you link the Build issues to other Build issues, you get a tree of related builds such as the diagram above that you can then use to deduce which bugs are present in any given release, and also which releases a given bug is likely to be in. Useful information that is rarely available in current issue trackers.

My presentation is available via Google Docs. Feedback welcome, as are beta testers for the ideas in JIRA.

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