Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Should you go to AtlasCamp? Hint: yes!

This post is a friendly sales job for AtlasCamp, the Atlassian developers get-together that's happening October 21-23 in Half Moon Bay, California.


- Costs a bit of money this year ($200 instead of free)
- er ...
- that's it!


+ If your company depends on JIRA or Confluence and you've changed them somehow, this is the best place I've found for technical questions
+ Friendly people who write useful code at this conference, not just vapid schmoozing
+ Good presentations about what's changing in the products you depend on
+ Plenty of opportunities to tell the core Atlassian developers and top management exactly what you think of their products

See you there.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

She found it 13 years later

Some stuff from old web pages when "Lizi", aka Elizabeth Shardon Baginski Doar, was first born. And indeed she did find them, all by herself, just the other day. I'm not sure she exactly loved it, but it was certainly a surprise!

I was born October 14th 1996 and am much loved by my parents. I like not sitting still and asking "why?". Below is an excerpt from my first email.

>fuukyiki7z x z>8jlj .l[
>'00 uyjkklglylewl;ghju7j

An interesting graph of contraction times during our daughter's birth. I think she'll love this page one day.