Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Making it easier to maintain JIRA workflows

This is one for JIRA admins.

I've had to track down a few problems recently that were related to fields not appearing on screens, especially when issues were changing their status. The cause turned out to be customized Transition Screens. A Transition Screen is the screen that is shown while you are moving from one status to another, and it's easy to forget which screen goes with each transition.

Sure, you can click on each transition and look for which screen is being used, or you can look at the list of screens and see which transitions used each screen. However, as the number of transitions and screens begins to grow, workflows become harder to maintain. The precision hack shown here helps with this. Click on the image to enlarge and look at the "Transitions" column. Each line has had the text "with the screen "added.

When you view any JIRA workflow with the "View Workflow Steps" screen, the transitions between steps (statuses) now have their screen information shown as well. At a glance, you can now look at a single workflow and see which of your transitions have those troublesome custom transition screens.

The file to change is

and the modified version can be found here. This was tested with JIRA 3.13.2 and is also a good example of what you can do with JSP if you have to.

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Markus said...

Hi Matt,

great feature! for Jira 4 you need to replace the line

webwork:component name="'status'" template="constanticon.jsp"

with this one

webwork:component name="'notUsed'" template="constanticon.jsp"