Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Perspective of a 3-year old

A few choice observations from my youngest son in the past few months. I'm posting them as reminders that not everyone thinks as we expect them to.

During the minor earthquake in San Jose, we all went outside. Afterwards he kept running outside then back inside again. When asked why, he said he was "looking for more earthquakes." (I guess we found one outside the first time?)

We came across a dried-up deer carcass, and I was teaching him to use a stick instead of his hands to touch roadkill. This lead to a discussion about death and whether the deer would come back to life. I gently explained that the deer was done with its body now. He looked thoughtful for a moment, and then drove the stick through the carcass, exclaiming "you stay dead then!"

When asked during the Christmas Pageant rehearsal what kinds of animals were in the manager with Jesus, he piped up with "pterodactyls!". To his disappointment, he is going to be a lamb instead.

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