Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Using Jira for Test Tracking

I'm giving a brief talk tomorrow on using Jira for Test Tracking at the first California Atlassian User Group tomorrow. More details on the user group may be found here.

(update: here are the slides and they're also attached to the Atlassian page)


Chris Mountford said...

Hey Matt,

I'd be interested in hearing about the subject matter in your talk. Any chance you can make an outline available after the event?


Matt Doar said...

I'm hoping the organizers will post the talk and then I'll add a link to it.

jon silvers said...

All the presentations were attached to and we'll be uploading video of the presenters, too, shortly.

ciccio said...

i work with jira and i have buyed this test management tool for my software house

This is a italian software house(Prisma) and they work whit Jira.

It's very nice tool.


Anonymous said...

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Rob said...

Hi Matt,

I've been thinking about using Jira for test tracking recently and came up with pretty much the same scheme you did (even if you did pip me to the post by 2 years!). I was wondering whether you had any follow up experiences and thoughts on this scheme 2 years on?

I'm also thinking that you may be able to recommend plugins that you have found useful for doing this? In particular I'm expecting to need an easy way to bulk create Test Results for a particular version having selected a set of Test Cases and figured I'd check in with you as I crack open the Atlas SDK!



Matt Doar said...

It looks like the original Atlassian page has been deleted and I don't have the original presentation easily available. The best place to start is at:

Anonymous said...

Do you have an updated link to the screens?

Allmas Mullah said...

Hi Matt,

I am really on using Jira as a complete testing tool. We will use Jira and Greenhopper so that we work in an agile fashion and all information is available on a single platform.

Even though I have configured Jira according to the instructions in
I dont understand clearly how to use it. What is the use of template. How are the test runs handled. What are the general guidelines to use the new workflow for testing.

I have also installed the sample test file from

But I havent got the answers. Please tell me where I can find the answers and also support because our operations are set to grow and we need scalable processes. I am no Jira admin, so would need technical support.

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